Italy Travel Guide: How to Handle Luggage Like a Pro

Five luggage with colored bags above them

Traveling in Italy is one of the best adventures you could have in your life. However, it can also be a challenge if you go around with luggage. I know how it feels like, so I’ll help you find the right solution.

Everyone knows that Italy is the perfect country for shopping. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, you are likely to bring back a lot of stuff to your home. And there’s nothing wrong with that! I usually visit my country once a year, and I always leave with full suitcases.

However, it is not that easy to travel with luggage in Italy. I travel with my family, and we used to have eight heavy luggage (two per person). So, I will tell you what you should do to ensure you don’t get tired in the process.

Handling Luggage on Transportation

How to Travel by Train in Italy With Luggage

When it comes to trains, you are responsible for your luggage and not Trenitalia or Italo. There is no one to help you lift your suitcases when you enter or leave the train. Be careful when you are using the stairs.

There isn’t a lot of space for large suitcases on regional and urban trains. So, make sure you get early to find somewhere to put your stuff. It is like a race, which comes first wins. 

Don’t get me wrong; you will still find some space even if you arrive last. But from my experience, it is better to arrive early to avoid stress.

If you don’t want to stress out when traveling within Italy, you need a comfortable carry-on luggage. So, make sure to click on this link to get a Samsonite for a very reasonable price on Amazon.

How Much Luggage Can You Take on a Train in Italy?

There are no weight and size limitations to take suitcases on trains. You can take as many baggage as you want if you find a proper place for them. But it is recommended not to carry more than two luggage per person. Also, you are allowed to take some extra personal bags in your body.

Where to Put Luggage on Trains in Italy

Most Italian trains have overhead racks to place small/medium suitcases on it. They fit almost every standard size luggage. You are unlikely to face problems with your carry-on bag, but make sure it isn’t too big (more than 24 inches).

As for big luggage, there is often a space at the end of each carriage. We always place our larger baggage there, even if we are not sitting in the last row. The only thing is that you must pay attention to your stuff at the stops. Trains are generally low-risk of theft, but I recommend you use a padlock.

Insider’s Advice

Make sure to learn the latest one or two stops before yours. Then, take all your stuff, and go to the end of the carriage (near the stairs). Finally, wait until you arrive at your destination with your luggage on hand. This may sound insane, but believe me, the crowd is worse. You should do this if you are stopping at a major city such as Rome, Milan, or Bari.

People sitting inside Trenitalia train with overhead racks for  luggage

On Buses

Highway Buses

When it comes to highway buses, they have been made for busy travelers. There is enough space in the luggage compartment below deck. There is always someone picking up the suitcases. You will also find overhead racks inside airport buses. I recommend them if you have something fragile on your baggage.

City Buses

On the other hand, city buses may not be a good idea to travel with luggage. They have very short space for luggage, and you will end exhausted. Also, they are very crowded, and often you will be standing all the trip. Don’t do it!

On Taxis

Most taxis will always find a way to bring you, even if you have a lot of luggage. We are four in my family with eight luggage, and somehow we always enter. Most taxis have large cars, so there’s enough space for everyone. Sometimes I have to put my suitcase above me, but it is another story.

The drivers are very friendly, and you won’t have any problems with them. But make sure to avoid abusive taxi drivers. If you don’t speak Italian, check out this post to learn how to travel without speaking Italian in Italy.

Italian white taxis wating in front of the train station

Rental Cars

The capacity of the car depends on how much money you are paying. If you have a bunch of luggage, you shouldn’t pick small or compact cars. With SUVs or station wagons, you will be able to store all your luggage. Rent a car depending on your personal needs.

Handling Luggage While Getting Around


At the airport, your only mission is to do the check-in and keep your smaller suitcases. The best thing you can do is to carry your luggage yourself. Some services offer luggage delivery, but I never used them. I prefer to take my stuff for myself all the time.

On Airplanes

Every airline company has different rules about carrying luggage. Most airlines let their customers take a fair number of check-in and carry-on baggage for free. However, some companies are stricter with the weight and quantity of suitcases.

There are overhead shelves on airplanes, and most of them have a decent space. If your luggage doesn’t enter, a flight attendant will come to help you. They will find a solution in most cases.


Hotels will often have a deposit to store all your luggage, especially the heavy ones. They will usually hold your baggage before check-in. Most Italian hotels will store your luggage until you are ready to leave.

Many times we had to leave our luggage under the stairs accessible to everyone. Make sure they are perfectly closed with a padlock and password. We only drop off big luggage and keep our carry-on suitcases in the room. Never leave your bags open and keep them together if that happens to you as well.

Should You Leave Your Luggage at The Hotel?

If you are going to a restaurant or visiting the city, then it’s best to leave the luggage in the hotel. I never had any huge problem with luggage in hotels. Your stuff will be safe in most cases, but make sure they are closed.

In The Streets

Walking long distances on foot with luggage is not a good idea, especially in Rome. Some sidewalks are narrow and poorly maintained. However, sometimes it is necessary to do so, and you don’t have any choice. 

We used to walk with our luggage from the hotel to the train station or the bus. So, we started using four-wheels luggage. They are easier to handle and more comfortable than the normal ones. It was a game-changer for my family and me. 

Where to Store Luggage in Italy

Do Train Stations in Italy Have Lockers?

Train stations in Italy don’t have lockers for security reasons. However, you will find a “left luggage” service in most major Italian train stations to store your luggage. It costs around €6,00 per bag for the fist five hours.

Train Stations In Italy With Left Luggage:

StationLocationOpening Hours
Milano Centrale1st floor06:00 – 23:00
Venice Santa Lucia1st floor beside Track 1407:00 – 21:00
Roma TerminiUnderground Station06:00 – 23:00
Florence S.M Novella1st floor beside Track 1608:00 – 20:00
Bari Centrale1st floor07:00 – 23:00
Bologna Centrale1st floor07:00 – 23:00
Naples Centrale1st floor07:00 – 23:00
Turin Porta NuovaClose to Track 106:00 – 23:00

Cost of Left Luggage

The price of this service can vary depending on your location. But on average, expect to pay €10 or €15 per 24 hours. Make sure you take notes of when you have left it, so you know how much you will pay. Try to put as much luggage as you can to save money.

At Airport

Similar to train stations, you will often find left luggage services near the airport. They are pretty safe and professional. This service is available in most Italian airports, especially the most important ones. You are allowed store any item.

Airport Examples

AirportLocationOpening Hours
Roma Fiumicino The ground floor of Terminal 306:30 – 23:30
Milan MalpensaArrivals level of Terminal 106:00 – 22:00
Venice Marco PoloThe ground floor of Terminal 105:00 – 22:00
Florence Santa Maria NovellaThe right side of Track 16, 1st Floor06:00 – 23:00

Cost of Left Luggage

Fees may vary depending on the airport, but expect to pay €6 per day. Also, it is possible to pay per hour. Ask for the price before you use any service.

Tips to Carry Luggage Efficiently

There are several things you can do to handle luggage without getting tired. It is easy to waste time dealing with luggage while traveling. So, those are some advice that I learned from myself to carry luggage efficiently:

  • Use four-wheels suitcases: The comfort of the suitcases is a crucial factor while traveling. Always prefer four-wheels luggage instead of the other ones. This changed everything for me.
  • Pack your baggage correctly: One of the biggest mistakes you can do is throw stuff randomly in your luggage. Pack your bags neatly; this will help you spread the weight better.
  • Walk with the suitcases in front of you: If you already have a four-wheels suitcase, you could carry it in front of you. I used to walk with two big luggage, and it is way easier with this technique. This can also help you while using the escalators.
  • Work in team: Probably, this is the most helpful advice that I can give you. If you travel accompanied always work as a team and not alone. My father and I help each other when our lifting luggage on the stairs. It is also a good idea to avoid losing your stuff.

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